There are many diseases for which you have considered them to be cured for a better childhood. These are usually related to rubella, measles, mumps, chickenpox, roseola pink and scarlet fever. These diseases are the most common and highly contagious. Let us dwell on the last of these – the scarlet fever. Scarlet fever causes a “beta-hemolytic streptococcus.” This is quite a serious illness that can be imparted with over long distances.

Therefore, even though the disease is related to air-drop type. Scarlet fever can only be very close in contact with a healthy carrier of disease or illness. It only affects children living in atmosphere of high “accuracy”, for example in kindergartens or schools. And if there is a fear for this disease, it is best to make the analysis at home kids. Scarlet fever has the idiosyncratic symptoms like: itchiness, aching throat, changes in the appearance of tongue.

The patient feels a momentous rise in temperature and severe weakness. The symbolic rash of scarlet is plentiful and superficial. It appears on the first or third day from foundation of the temperature rise. It is localized in the natural folds (armpits, groin, neck), on the sides of the torso. A person becomes ill and puffy rash completely covered except the case of nasolabial appearance. The inflammation ends from 4 to 8 days and then gradually departs. It leaves no pigmentation but after a couple weeks it starts lamellar peeling. Another attributed aspect of scarlet fever is transforming surface of the tongue.

First tongue exclusively gets covered thick yellow appearance or white coating. Starting with 2-4 days of the disease, plaque disappears; the tongue becomes clean, but it turns out to be noticeable increase in the papillae of the tongue. Language resembles like a large raspberry. Unfortunately, scarlet fever will make you ill for the several times. Immunity, as with measles, rubella and chickenpox associated with scarlet fever the body does not competent to make exact detoxification progression.