There are huge numbers of women who tend to accumulate cellulite around thighs and buttocks area and it is something really dreadful for women, especially when the summer season approaches. If you have cellulite, it can certainly be frustrating and discouraging but you should not give up because there are things you can do to restore skin to its natural healthy glow and eliminate cellulite.

Cellulite is a skin condition. You can not necessarily eliminate cellulite with only weight loss, but it does help and it is an added bonus. If you are still eating junk food, removing cellulite will become a fight for you. In this article, there are simple ways to reduce cellulite.

3 Simple Ways to Eliminate Cellulite

1 – Nutrition

Healthy nutrition is the most important factor in elimination of cellulite; you must eliminate all junk foods. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to this basic rule. The good part about this is once you start eating healthy, over time you will not crave for junk food. It means you cannot eat your favorite pizza, fried food or fast food, candy, chips, burgers, cookies, ice cream, pastries, cakes, diet soda or any soda, sugar, coffee and alcohol. It is pretty obvious that these foods are harmful not only for cellulite but also for overall health.

There are many more foods that you do not think they are bad for cellulite and consume such as sausage, bacon, high-fat meats, fried fish, fat in whole milk, whole milk yogurt, fried vegetables, refined grains like cookies and baked goods made with white flour and refined products with added sugar, corn chips and potato chips, butter or margarine, mayonnaise, cheese and packaged salad dressings that contain sugar and artificial ingredients.

The aforementioned foods should replace natural whole foods such as salads, vegetables, fruits and lean meats to eliminate cellulite. You can also eat bread and brown pasta, lentils, skim milk, eggs, sugar substitutes, oatmeal and brown rice. Remember that changing your diet will do absolute wonders for cleaning your skin, weight loss and will provide health benefits.

2 – Exercise

Exercise is essential for the elimination of cellulite and improving your blood circulation. The exercise will help stimulate the lymphatic system and the blood flow starts eliminating toxins from your body.

• Jumping on a mini trampoline is excellent for lymphatic system.
• Pilates is great for improving circulation and heart.
• Yoga is also great in this regard.

3 – Skin Brushing

Brushing is excellent for the lymphatic system. You need to use a good natural bristle brush with a long handle. The entire body is brushed with long strokes towards your heart which makes you feel a little tingle on your skin while removing all the dead cells. You have to do this before you take a shower. It feels fabulous and you will see how quickly you can remove cellulite.