Tibetan massage dates back to ancient times. This type of massage is holistic in nature. It is believed that a person creates everything within himself, and thus the health of a person depends on his emotional state. Tibetan massage has a pronounced anti-aging effect due to the normalization of muscle tone and mental equilibrium. It prevents the development of psychosomatic diseases.

Massage aims to improve lymph drainage (in the East believed that lymph – is the juice of life, and blood – life). When the lymphatic and blood circulation is normal, the mobility of joints and muscles is very high. This amazing massage technique mobilizes to fight the diseases; all the internal strength of the body also worked the muscle-tendon line: it eliminates the various “blocks” and “clips”, thereby recovering elasticity of muscles and ligaments.

In case of violation of an organ in the human body points along the meridian and corresponding to the body are painful and hard. They harden before it starts to hurt the organ, and thus circulating energy in the meridian is disturbed. Special massage along meridians restores balance and allocates all the accumulated energy in the body. Master, doing massage, gives energy to circulate again, which allows authorities to clear with a lack of energy in the body or in organ meridians to tone up or provide the energy flow in the respective area.

It is the natural flow of energy which rejuvenates both body and mind. With proper breathing and relaxation released emotions. Working with zones of emotional stress, the master can remove clamped muscular patterns, release emotions, preventing physical and muscular balance. A touch of human hands is very important! It gives confidence, creates warmth, pleasure, comfort, and restores energy. Massage is a health and beauty of your body and the strength of the spirit!