Information about the ingestion of sleeping pills is a concern because the sedatives are now in great demand. The economic exigency, financial problems, lack of regular employment – all these factors have a negative impact on the person. Insomnia in this case becomes a permanent companion. But a sleeping pill may be a considerable way to fall asleep without delay, and at least for a night not to think about their tribulations and failures.

In one of the studies on the impact of hypnotics on human health, attended by 10,500 adults (mean age 50 years), which took about two years of sleeping pills. In the second group there were 22500 people who had never taken sleeping pills (control group). Watching all these people, scientists found an obvious connection between the use of sedatives and an augmented risk of sudden death.

The Findings of the Survey Data

There is a death risk development by ingesting sleeping tablets sometimes (up to 18 times a year) augmented almost three-fold compared with people who do not take sleeping pills.

Death possibility also arises in those people who acquires up to 132 doses of sleeping drugs in one year, increased by four times.

Threats are applied to all ages, but most exposed to the unsafe effects of sleeping tablets are people who aged in between 18 to 55 years.

These shocking findings convince us that that marginal benefit from receiving sedation can not justify such a terrible actual risks. After all, there are quite harmless alternative means to combat insomnia, such as evening walks in the fresh air, exercise, swimming, massage and so on. Take care of your health!