It is true that your body losses weight while you sleep. There are diet plans that claim to help you lose two pounds as you sleep the very first day of the diet. Sleeping a full night’s rest is advisable, but point to ponder, how it help in immediate weight loss.

Losing sleep leads to weight gain, this connection is supported by various researches, but is there any connection between sufficient sleep and weight loss, read below to make this logical leap.

Sleeping sufficiently doesn’t mean that you will lose weight, but if you are not getting enough hours of good quality sleep, you are not allowing your metabolism to function well. A deficit of sleep increases craving and results in overeating, therefore maintaining a healthy sleep routine does help support a healthy diet. A diet creator, Caroline Apovian, M.D., the director of weight management at Boston Medical Center put forward this very advantage.

In an interview to ABC News, she further explained, “If you continue to get sufficient sleep every night, you won’t get those hunger pangs. The hunger pangs come from lack of sleep, which encourages the hunger hormone to get secreted from your gut.”

However these lost pounds are the reason of lost water weight and not the lost fat. Though it makes overnight promise less meaning full, it is a good sign, as water weight loss is an important step toward total weight loss.

What can be Done For Sleep Deprivation?

First, check how much and how well you sleep. People like new moms only get sleep for a four hour stretch and there are people who get 8 hours of sleep that is of poor quality because of pain or underlying sleep disorder.

Therefore it is important to trouble shoot both with improved sleep hygiene.

  • Avoid Caffeine in the afternoon, as it will keep you in the lighter stages of sleep at night.
  • Exercise also helps improve sleep quality. When to exercise? It depends as everyone is different. Exercising at night right before you sleep is not a good habit, but some people exercise better before bed and don’t affect their sleep. So it is more important to do exercise than when to do exercise.
  • Check what you eat before bedtime. Taking heavy meals like pizza and beer is not a good idea as they also increase risk of heartburn that affects your sleep. Eating few healthy snacks and then having a light meal like cereal is suggestible.

If you are getting sufficient sleep, but wake up and feel sleepy next day, then it is good to consult to your doctor or a sleep specialist. He can help identify any underlying problem. He can also help you develop a treatment plan so that you get more high quality sleep and this will help you lose weight.