Age of 50 years is the half-century and the beginning of old life for the woman. Skin care during this period is of particular importance, and if you know exactly what to do, you can even look perfect after 50 years as according to your skin complexion.

General provisions
The aging process after 50 years is mostly associated with a decrease in moisture content in the skin; the skin becomes dry and thin, shifts the pH to the alkaline side, the skin is badly saturated with oxygen and nutrients.

A significant factor in the condition of the skin at this age is because of hormonal changes, in other words – menopause. Estrogen level decreases, which has an adverse effect on the skin. During this period, it is important to consult with certified beautician, gynecologist or with endocrinologist.

But, medicine and cosmetology in recent years stepped far forward, and now there are many different methods and procedures by which women looks beautiful at any age.

Intramural care
Particular attention should be paid for the skin care in the home:
Skin cleansing is carried out only with natural products (oils, decoctions of herbs, mineral water). Good tonic effect is the use of ice cubes through infusions of herbs (mint, chamomile, sage, rose petals, mallow).

skin-care-for-aging-skinSpecial attention must be paid to the selection of appropriate cosmetics as according to the skin suitability. It is better to give preference to the modern cosmeceuticals, which will help to find the ritual care for skin. Choose the best tools with a high content of vitamins C and E, glycolic acid and retinoids are actively going through regeneration.

Serum is also recommended to use in the courses with the high content of bioactive substances. Means to protect the skin from the sun choose the maximum protection factor SPF +50, which is preferable to use all year round. Summer creams should be used with a light texture, but the winter – with denser, fulfilling both the role and protection, with proper nutrition.