Beautiful and firm abdomen is a dream of every woman, and men, despite the fact is that many of us like to have a stomach with a beautiful, powerful, and ripped abs. First you have to decide for yourself that what you want to achieve for the shape perfection of your belly, so that the abdominal muscles looks strongly visible.


This is more appropriate for men; this result requires the exercises with maximum load, slowly, about 10 times for each exercise. If you want to lose weight and get tight and straight seductive tummy it is more suitable for women, the exercise should be carried out quickly and with multiple approaches.

When you exercise it is important to adhere yourself with proper breathing, exhaling should be done at the maximum load on the muscles, that is squeezing – exhale on spreader-breath. You also need to understand that to make beautiful belly for one day does not work, and to maintain the positive results, you need to do the exercises every day on permanent basis.

Exercise to get a flat stomach – Lie back on the floor with feet maximum bending at the knees, heels should almost reach the buttocks. When you first started this exercise, it would be nice to have a partner who will hold you to your feet, as the legs during exercise will be off the ground and it would burden the process of the exercise.

abdominal-beautyYou can also secure the feet using the chair or sofa. Palms must be placed behind the head, with the finger lock. After that, lift the body from the ground trying to reach the elbows knees. This exercise is perfect for the development of upper press, and with some modifications, it is ideally suited for the development of the lateral muscles.

Exercise should be performed with lifting and rotation of the body to stretch the left elbow to the right knee and the next opposite, right elbow to your left knee. In the beginning, the exercises should be performed about 30 times for each muscle group, if you can do more – you can perform, but the main thing is not to overdo it, as this can lead to fatigue muscles. Try to exercise at higher speeds, ideally 50 times a minute.