It needs to be considerable and good for your health. Ideal dishes for breakfast hold a variation of cereals. It is better to boil cereals in water and then milk. If desired, add some nuts or fruit. You can also prepare porridge. Another great option for breakfast is cheese since it is rich in vitamins, calcium along with other useful features. In cottage cheese, you can insert some quantity of honey, dried fruit or fresh fruit, and of course, a superior choice for breakfast would be eggs, fresh fruit salad and vegetable juice.


Make your dining experience objective and wholesome. Exclude or replace dinner snacking, it is bad for your body. Dishes for wonderful lunch include vegetables, boiled potatoes, pasta, rice, meat fish, chicken or lean boiled beef. You can consume vegetable soups also; liquid foods are accessible to digest and easily captivated by your stomach. Salad with fresh vegetables can also serve great importance.


A great option for dinner is vegetable dishes. It would be great to add the boiled vegetables with fish or lean meat. In preparation avoid as much as possible to use oil and fat, and discard the method of cooking with oil, as a way of making it can adversely affect on the properties of dishes. Before leaving to sleep (3-4 hours) it is better not to eat anything heavy, but if you feel insatiable, a good preference would be a cup of yogurt or low-fat milk products (which are simply digestible and have a positive effect).

Give up snacking, condense the utilization of tea and coffee (they have caffeine, which may harmfully affect the nervous functions and disrupt sleep). If you consume healthy diet, then this will give you confident impact on your health and it will make you to undergo more dynamic, as it is sure to maintain your phenomenal form as well.