There is a strong reason to make delicious fruits as for your diet in weekly menus for the prevention of many chronic diseases.

A large U.S. research involving nearly 100,000 women has revealed that people who consume strawberries and berries at least 3 times per week had a lower risk of stroke decreased by 32 percent.

It is responsible that these benefits are apparently because of flavonoids substances in red fruits that can maintain the health of blood arteries. They are also found in tea, cherries and are recognized for their performance in combating serious diseases of heart, dementia, cancer and diabetes.

Even due to undeniable benefits, experts insist that strawberries must be taken constantly in your daily diet menu, having reviewed for the improvement of natural health and diets of 93,600 women aged between 25 and 42 years.

Berries can be eaten for breakfast with muesli, in smoothies or healthy snacks between meals.