Naturally enjoy pineapple (even tablets of pineapple extract invented) for dropping excess weight. Pineapple for weight loss has become a solution for many of the peoples. The fact is that calorie fruit is very small, pound fruit evaluates about 500 calories. You must eat pineapple if you want to become slim, or you may add it to salads and make your life easier for your body.

To slimming effect makes you more prominent, use fresh pineapple – heat treatment reduces the effect of fiber breaks and acidic component. Therefore pineapple is best to use for a meal or a salad diet with only fresh fruits combination. If you stick to the system of unloading days, the pineapple will be another day of variety on the menu one day. On average, you can lose about 1 kilogram. There is also a three-day version of the diet, combining pineapple with protein food: eggs, low-fat meat and cheese. Pineapple juice – fresh, not packaged – three times a day before meals is the requirement.

Pineapple-for-weight-lossHow Pineapple is Useful?

Everyone treats, making prevention of various diseases, recovers the immune occupations. According to the proposal of nutritionists you can organize one fasting day a week on the basis of pineapples. This day you should consume 1 kg of pineapple, divided into 3-4 doses throughout the day. This fasting day will allow you to lose excess weight 500-700 g. However, this effect is caused not only by the action of the above enzyme.

The key is that in 100 g of pineapple contains no more than 48 calories. Be careful, as such fasting days cannot be held to those who have observed the increased acidity of gastric juice. In other cases, on the fasting day pineapples will only benefit. But you should have to clean your mouth after the intake of pineapple or any other fruit; otherwise there will be contraindications for tooth enamel.