Nutmeg is less used in homes by the housewives, but it has a rich fresh flavor and the taste is bitter and sweet, similar to the taste of cloves. It is used in the particulars for the preparation of well known sauces. Nutmeg is used for strengthening health.

Benefits of Nutmeg

You may use it as a brain tonic! It helps to remove the state of fatigue and stress. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, nutmeg oil is one of the most useful natural remedy. In case of indigestion and flatulence, consume 2 to 3 drops of nutmeg oil and your problems will disappear! In European countries, nutmeg powder is used successfully in treating abdominal pains and articulation. Because of its antibacterial properties, nutmeg effectively treats bad breath and gum afflictions.

Tips to Use Nutmeg to Stay Healthy

In case of insomnia, add 1-2 g of nutmeg powder in a glass of milk and consume it to get relief with better results. It can also be used against acne for the skin care, mix nutmeg powder with a little honey and apply it on the face. The combination of nutmeg powder with lentil powder will be the most effective scrub for a healthy tan.