‘How can one grow taller?’ This is a question which is often asked by people and has been answered many times in different styles. In this piece of writing, you will learn how to grow taller with the help of milk.

The most important factor behind growth of height is the genetics that play an important role in increasing inches in your height, but you can still add a few inches by taking care of your diet and adding essential nutrients in your diet.

Is it possible to grow taller by drinking milk?

You must remember your childhood when you were always told to drink milk, especially before you went to bed and the reason given to convince you to drink milk that it was a healthy drink and would greatly help you in making your bones stronger and adding many inches in your height as you were growing in size. In fact, this is quite true statement.

What important elements milk contains?

It is really important to know the factors that your body needs to grow and how you can find them.


Calcium is one of the most important elements that help in strengthening the bones. This essential element can be found in a cup of milk that contains about three hundred mg of calcium which is good enough for healthy and strong body.

If the food you eat every day contains calcium, this will also fulfill the requirement of your body and bones. If you don’t like milk alone, you can eat the products that contain calcium such as cheese or ice cream. Another important element is vitamin D and if you are providing both of these important elements to your body, this will really be helpful in growing height.


For the growth of your muscles, you need to consume protein and it can also be found in the same dairy product. Protein consumption is not necessary for growing your height, but it is essential for making your muscles stronger and if your muscles are stronger, you can maintain good posture to keep your overall body in really good shape.

What if someone has allergy with milk?

Though the natural drink has lots of advantages, some people cannot drink it because of being allergic with it. Now what should you do if you are one of such people? Well, in this case, you can use the other substitutes or other sources that contain calcium like soybean milk which is also rich in calcium.

The most important thing to increase inches in your height is calcium and you need to provide your body with sufficient amount of it. The best source is milk and the second best source is soybean, but you can still find various other foods with the same amount of calcium.

While you are taking care of your diet, also make sure that you give proper time to exercise. If you are just eating and sleeping with no physical activities, you might grow taller, but will become lethargic.