If diet and exercise have not worked too much fruit in achieving your dream figure then you may look forward for liposuction treatment as a last alternative.

Although using this method can eliminate unwanted excess fat in a particular area, but it does not guarantee your future to remain as still the same after the treatment. With this intervention “shape” region / regions resulting in a significant decrease in fat size of your body at some extent of level which you want; but it is only possible if you respect your doctor’s instructions.

But if we have certain circumference before surgery, for example the abdomen by removing a quantity of fat in the subcutaneous fatty tissue , so by reducing the layer circumference reach 5 to 15 cm lower – so clothes previously held will expand on these areas, although weight remain unchanged.

Best candidates for liposuction are those with a relatively normal weight but have fat deposits in various parts of the body. Generally, women resort to such intervention after passing through a birth; it is a very simple and inexpensive to return to the original form.