Every woman wants to keep their skin young and attractive, for an enviable body and smooth skin, we try all kinds of cosmetic products that promise to refresh the skin and combat diseases that occur in the skin, but the cure is not so easy unless you consider the factors that affect the skin from the inside. If you are among those who smoke regularly finds that all your efforts to have a smooth and glowing skin are in vain.

Tobacco has a negative impact on your body, its negative affects are visible on the outside of the skin also. According to the research, people who do smoke regularly are not afraid of the risk of suffering from cancer or heart disease. But if you want to keep your skin young and beautiful, then you should take into account the negative effects of tobacco on your skin.

A person who smokes regularly will have the skin ages faster unlike that of a nonsmoker. It turned out that the appearance of a woman of 40 years who smoked throughout her life may look like that of a person 70 years of age. Doctors call this sudden change in skin appearance, “tobacco syndrome”.

How Tobacco Affects Skin?

At first during smoking, the body produces large amount of free radicals, which can not be challenged by powerful antioxidants such as bioflavonoids, vitamins A, C and E, basically because they usually work in the epidermal layer of the skin. Free radical reduces skin elasticity, which makes it rougher then wrinkles appear and the skin becomes more dry and free radicals ultimately affects blood vessels.

Besides the appearance of free radicals during the smoking process, over 400 hazardous and toxic substances are produced in the body. They are responsible for decreased levels that maintain your skin health. As a result of smoking, micro circulation is disturbed, especially in the blood vessels. Thus the skin cells are suffocated by nicotine that reduces the amount of oxygen in the body and increases the amount of carbon dioxide.

That’s why people who smoke always seem tired, and they have brown spots around the eyes and dark lines appeared especially around the mouth. When you smoke a single cigarette, blood vessels in the skin contract with the process lasted about 90 minutes after you finish smoking. Thus, skin cells do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients or contributing to their proper functioning.