The vital properties of fennel oil are successful against sagging and limp skin. It also eradicates crumple, enhance softness of the epidermis. It also contributes the skin refreshment, giving it a homogeneous color. It also abolishes acne, cellulite, “Outlines the” contours of the face and body, amplifies litheness with attractive shape of abdomen, hips and bust.

It perfectly cleanses the body, removes cancerous toxins formed as a result of overeating and alcohol abuse. It is perfect remedy for a hangover stress which works as a tonic for liver, kidney and spleen. Substantial elements of fennel oil work against venomous of insects and snakes! As just because of diuretic formation it clears the body of surplus calories which in turn eradicate cellulite presence.

In addition, the oil can suspend kidney stones; tranquil the digestive organs, so it is prescribed for the patients who are anguishes gastric syndrome. It soothes the internal organisms of the human body helps with hiccups, nausea, vomiting and colic. It is believed that the oil of fennel impersonates estrogen and also activates the endocrine glands as well.

This may elucidate its capability to support in times of premenstrual anxiety, with unsatisfactory menses, in solving the tribulations related with menopause and in the event of amenorrhea. It also increases sexual desire. The oil of fennel is famous in the consideration of generating lactation for mothers. It also gives potency and courage in difficult situations. It also helps to overcome the weakness of character and desire constantly to please others.

Eliminates the compulsive fears (fear of the dark, heights, open space, etc.). It bestows internal stability and a sense of freedom. Some argue that fennel prolongs life. WARNING fennel essential oil is toxic if it is immoderately. It may also cause skin sensitization. Do not use in epilepsy. It also cleans urinary tract and reduces hormonal fluctuations. It proves to be effective in lymphatic drainage and weight loss as it has detoxifying effects.