A few simple exercises can help you to achieve a beautiful posture and beautiful back which are as follows:

For Strengthening Muscles

Lie on your back on a sleeping pad or other soft mat; put your feet on something higher, such as a chair or stool, holding your hands with hips. Lifting and fixing your body with moves, try to keep it in place for five minutes.

For Stretching the Back Muscles

Sit on a chair or stool, straighten your back. Left hand on the right side of the head, and the right hand to the left side of the head and press down lightly. This exercise stretches the muscles of the back perfectly.

Exercise to Retain the Balance of the Body

Get on your knees, with resting your hands on the floor. Raise your right leg extended, try to hold on to that position for five minutes, switch legs and repeat it.

Exercise for a Beautiful Body Figure

Expand your hands palms up and pull along the body, and the legs bend at the knees, and then lift the body. You need to hold in that position for at least five minutes; this will give you a beautiful body structure with a slim and attractive figure.

These Exercises also Prevent Diseases Associated with Spine.

With these exercises you will form a beautiful posture; you will increase your flexibility of the spine, to strengthen the back muscles. These exercises prevent the occurrence of various diseases associated with the back and spine. Particularly these exercises will be useful for those who spend most of the time in a sitting position. When performing these exercises do everything smoothly, without sudden movements.

Do not be discouraged if you can not follow the exercises for more than five minutes and when you will get hard by performing it daily, eventually your back muscles will get stronger, and you will be easily get a perfect muscular back.