Nutrition specialist advises women that what to eat to avoid the causes of infertility problems occurred with women in many cases. Following are some remedial measures with preventions to cure infertility problems:

Consume foods Rich in Iron

Green leafy vegetables are rich in inorganic iron, which reduces the risk of infertility related to the irregular ovulation. Here’s the conclusion of a U.S. study: If there is more iron in blood, ovaries and follicles; they are better oxygenated. Lettuce, spinach, and wild garlic should not be absent from the diet menu.

Soybeans is your Protector.

Women are always protected from endometrial tumors due to the excessive consumption of soy beans. Because soy plant is consist of isoflavones compounds (phytoestrogens) which is the best effective protector against infertility problems.

Yogurt for Thrush

Eat yogurt daily for one month, and reduce your risk of having one of the most common genital inflammation. Yogurt containing lactobacilli strengthens the lining. In addition, applications can be consumed for a local (vaginal) with twice a week and wash the genital area daily.