Women smokers nowadays have more probability to expire because of their smoking tradition from 1960, according to a new study. Women were blamed because of the changing nature and habits in general, and quantity of cigarettes smoked daily by them causes the reason of an increase in the hazard of lung cancer.

Researchers analyzed data on more than 2 million women in the U S smoke; first generation of women smoke appeared from 1950 to 1960. In between these years, the first women who smoked faced with a three times higher risk of suffering from lung cancer, compared with those who did not smoke.

On women’s medical proceedings from the period 2000 – 2010, it was found that lung cancer risk increased 25 times for the women who smoked daily are more prone to the lung cancer than those who do not smoke. American researcher of Dr. Alex Marshall said:

“The rapid increase in cancer risk among female smokers has continued, despite the fact is that women have chosen cigarettes with a lower amount of tar and nicotine. So that certain brands of cigarettes marked with the words “Light” does not reduce the risk of diseases because both women and men are likely to inhale that smoke more deeply which diluted to maintain normal absorption of nicotine”.

According to the conclusion researches have shown that, women who smoke regularly die earlier than those who never smoked.