Cough is quite common in children, and may be it has not been considered seriously. However, parents should be aware that cough in children is different, the ignorance of which may lead to a deterioration of the child.



The cause of cough can be a violation of the outflow secretions and mucus due to:
– Increased viscosity of secretions;
– Increased secretion of mucus
– Swelling of the mucous membrane, due to the bronchi becomes infectious, allergic or with other inflammation.

Symptoms of cough in children
Cough in children is manifested in many ways, first of all it is dry (non-productive) and wet (productive). Coughing can be a strong and dry, reaching vomiting; wet and painful, which can correspond to the child’s anxiety and disturbing his sleep. The cough may be accompanied by pain; considerably it is the harmful factor which is deteriorating the health of child.

cough-problemCough can also show constant coughing or choking; it is almost invisible and does not affect those children who are protected with the treatment of antibiotics and leading a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand the cough can drastically harm those children who are careless in order to make their lifestyle without any consideration of cure then there will be a reason to consult a doctor to determine the causes.

Why child cough?
Cough in children as a protective reflex, intends to:
• Airway clearance of mucus;
• Increased outflow of bronchial secretions and mucus;
• Elimination of infectious agents.

The principles for the treatment of cough
To reduce cough quickly and permanently, you need to know about some of the principles of treatment. Cough treatment should depend on the reasons that why your child was summoned? However, it is always shown only in the case of a considerable worsening state of the health of your child.

Mostly antitussive therapy is prescribed if the child has a dry non-productive cough or intrusive cough. The treatment removes the accumulated secretions from the respiratory tract or releases them from irritants, such as allergic inflammation.

Children are often associated with dry coughs caused by high viscosity of mucus, which is a desecration of ciliated bronchial epithelium. In this case, treatment with natural antibiotics as according to the prescription of doctor will be effective for the child. Cough reflex in children taken to suppress only in special cases where the cough:

cough-causes-in-children– Intensive exhausting,
– Accompanied by vomiting;
– Disrupts the sleep of baby,
– When there is a risk of aspiration, i.e. abandonment of gastric contents into the respiratory tract, which may be observed in children or in diseases of the central nervous system.

So, the choice antitussive therapy depends on several things:-
• The correct diagnosis of the disease.
• Installation causes severe coughing for the temporary period of the time.
• The presence or absence of bronchospasm.
• The nature, productivity, intensity of coughing and the extent of its impact on the health of your child.