Health Problems And Diseases

Disruptions to at least one part of the body directly or indirectly impact on the work of all organs and systems. If there is a disruption in the work of […]

Healthy Life Plan

For a healthy life plan, enrich your food diet containing omega-3 fatty acids – At least in one time a week eat fish! If for some reason you do not […]

Personal Hygiene Rules

You are required special care for heels – Do not allow the formation of calluses, corns and abrasions. Systematically use a pumice stone to brush the soles of the feet […]

Healthy Lifestyle With Positive Attitude

Now it became fashionable to adopt a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise, following the diet plan strictly and quit smoking. But something is not losing weight, smoking is not obvious, […]

Myths And Rules About Sports

For the top quality sports, it is very useful to run – running improves the cardiovascular system and the heart itself makes you stronger and stronger. Increases oxygen in the […]

Cough In Children

Cough is quite common in children, and may be it has not been considered seriously. However, parents should be aware that cough in children is different, the ignorance of which […]