Gentle, firm and velvety skin is the prerogative of youth. Over the years, our skin is unable to find its suppleness, collagen fibers are destroyed, deformed, dispenses to the creation of facial wrinkles and stretch marks on the body. For the purpose of anti-aging there is today an impressive arsenal of tools to get rid of stretch marks. For many years it was thought to be impossible.

The problem becomes primarily relevant of stretch marks most probably after giving birth, after a dramatic weight loss, or, on the opposing, a strong weight gain due to transformation in hormonal levels, when the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, breasts, underarms and even the upper arms may appear reddish, purple or white stripes from 2 to 4 cm long. Deteriorative changes in the skin cannot be detached with the help of the publicize creams, chemical peels and wraps.

Here are some commands to get anticipation against skin tribulations, unattractive skin on the belly, thighs and hips which are as follows:-

Vitamin E

It was originated that ointment elements with the content of Vitamin E have condensed the number of stretch marks, especially for the mother’s after birth. It was long believed that the cocoa butter would be beneficial, but the information was refuted by research results.


It seems that massage affected areas with Tamanu oil (obtained by cold pressing of Tamanu nut) serves regenerating and smoothing unsightly striations.

Retinol Cream

This cream proves to be helpful in the renaissance of collagen (whose rupture subcutaneous level rise to striations). Still even if skin disorder does not vanish completely, but it will not even feel “ugly” anymore.

Laser Treatment

If the affected area is allied with very large and unattractive marks, try a laser treatment. This process is done with the target to heat up the subcutaneous layer or to enhance collagen production and finally reduce ridges.