Acne is considered to be the most common skin problem which causes pimples or zits on the skin. It includes blackheads, whiteheads and inflamed skin patches. Acne breakout often occurs on facial area, especially among teenagers, but it can also occur at any age. Though it is a very common skin condition and sometimes you cannot prevent acne breakouts, there are still a few important factors which you can bring into consideration to reduce the risk of acne breakouts.

1) Washing Face

Washing face is a regular activity and it can help you remove dead cells, excessive oils and other impurities from your skin. Normally, you have to wash your face many times a day which is good, but there are a few important things which you should always remember to prevent acne breakouts.

  • Before you wash your face, make sure that your hands are clean so that your facial area does not get germs and other bacteria due to the dirty hands.
  • Use a facial cleanser, but it should be mild instead of being harsh.
  • Never use soap with harsh chemicals.
  • Never rub the towel on your face, but always use a soft and clean piece of cloth to dry out your face.
  • Use slightly warm water for washing face.

2) Stay Out of the Sun

You should always stay out of the sun whether you have acne or not. The UV rays of the sun are quite harmful for your skin and increase the inflammation and redness which leads to greater health problems. It is also notable that some products which you use to cure acne cause more harm to your skin, especially when you go out under the sun. Therefore, it is really important to save your skin from ultraviolet rays. If there is no other way than going out in the sun, it is important to follow a few rules which are as follows;

  • Try to avoid the sun, especially between 10am to 03pm.
  • Make sure that your sensitive and most exposed skin areas should be properly covered with long sleeved shirt and pants.
  • It is also a good idea to wear brimmed hat.
  • You should also use sunscreen with SPF 30 or even higher before you go out.

3) Weekly Exfoliation

The second important practice that you should try to follow on regular basis is weekly exfoliation which is an effective process to wipe out the outer layer on your skin. Exfoliation will unclog the skin pores as well as remove the dead cells from your skin. You should also remember that this process should only be done once a week.

Exfoliation products are available in the market which you can buy to use, in case you want to use your own exfoliating product at your home, there is no harm.

4) Use of Makeup

If you have acne breakout, you should avoid wearing makeup especially powder, foundation and blush. If it is really necessary to wear makeup, make sure that you wear oil and chemical free cosmetics.