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How To Limit Food Intake

When suddenly you limit the amount of food, the body produces more ghrelin; a hunger hormone that makes you to eat more, therefore if you want to lose weight, the […]

Guidelines For Weight Loss Without Dieting

You do not have to follow a diet to lose weight quickly with irregular or harmful approach regarding your health. Making significant changes in your diet plan you could lose […]

Foods That Calms You In Stressful & Critical Conditions

Anxiety and stress are a problem that many people do not know how to manage. Find out the best solutions and foods to calm down when you are nervous and […]

Little Sleep Disorders

People who sleep less than 6 hours per night encounter difficulties when they want to get rid of extra pounds, as according to the American scientists. Research shows that lack […]

Myths About Potatoes Consumption

The potato is a great source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is much better for the body than broccoli, beets, bananas, nuts and avocados, according to a study by […]

Natural Remedies For Beautiful Skin

Certified creams, gels and serums that cleanse and moisturizes are important for skin beauty, they are a much important resource to maintain skin firmness with a healthy diet and a […]