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Death Risk Of Women

Women smokers nowadays have more probability to expire because of their smoking tradition from 1960, according to a new study. Women were blamed because of the changing nature and habits […]

Preventing Heart Attack By Consuming Strawberries & Berries

There is a strong reason to make delicious fruits as for your diet in weekly menus for the prevention of many chronic diseases. A large U.S. research involving nearly 100,000 […]

Diet For Weight Loss

Due to the excessive protein, fat and minerals consumption, the body retains harmful toxins. Vegetarian diet is the perfect solution to cleanse your body. Moreover, it helps to lose weight […]

Creamy Dressing Recipes For Salad

A creamy salad can make more palatable. Discover how simple you can make delicious sauces at home, but without the calories. Most salad dressings are high in sugar, salt, fat […]

Food with Yeast – Perfect Choice For Winter

Yeast stimulates immunity due to its rich content of vitamins and minerals. Foods rich with content of yeast administered for three to four weeks with a break of two weeks, […]

Purify Your Body With Detoxification

As according to the research alcohol, sweets, fried foods, sodas are the harmful resource for your health, so it should be replaced with organic foods, vegetables, fruits and herbal teas. […]