There are many anti-cellulite remedies which are most likely in the form of creams but many of them are just expensive without any effective result to reduce cellulite. But following are 10 known points that you should know about the symptoms and treatments for combating cellulite naturally:




High-fat diet promotes lipid uptake, intestinal disorders, impaired liver and these are all causes of cellulite.


Malfunctioning of the ovaries, the pituitary and thyroid in periods of puberty, pregnancy or menopause lead to cellulite installation.


A gym too intense can cause cellulite. It is recommended to do light exercises which should be practiced regularly.


Too tight clothing leads to poor peripheral circulation of blood and lymph, which favors the appearance of cellulite.


A cream will not get rid of cellulite, no matter how good it is. It is recommended to take proper diet with physical activities to combat cellulite naturally.


Cellulite massage is successful, but it is quiet expensive and it hurts a lot, if the massage is stopped, after some times the damages will occur repeatedly. A good substitute is to practice massage daily in the shower with a sponge or a rough towel.


Cellulite can be prevented with a balanced diet that includes many fruits and vegetables and less fat.


There are natural treatments which are effective against cellulite, like message with hot poultices ivy decoction (200 g per liter of water) or infusion of grape vines (50 g per liter of water).


Acupressure works wonders in the treatment of cellulite. Deep massage of two, three times a day in mid thigh point located on the line above the knee or in the affected areas will be the effective way to combat cellulite.


For cellulite reduction wearing mask of the natural tan can also be effective, but there is no need to burn your skin to hide small “dimples”, a light brown shade is enough to soften skin irregularities. Other variants are artificial tan achieved with self-tanning products or shiny stockings.